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I have always dressed more "basic".  Solid colors, mostly dark, jeans during cool weather and a black skirt in warmer months...Always basic.  Why?  Because when your clothes are basic, quality pieces, they can last through trends and seasons better than pieces that are trendy and well, maybe a little flashy.  Trust me when I say though, that my closet is anything BUT basic.  I have fun earrings, funky shoes, and bright colored handbags stacked so high, I need a ladder!  (Okay, insert the short jokes) Having a basic wardrobe, doesn't mean that YOU are basic!  In fact, I think it means the opposite.  When Ellie was younger, her closet was made up of every Gymboree outfit ever made.  But, when she started picking her own clothes, she always went for the more basic items.  The apple doesn't fall far.... So, when building our inventory, we kept this in mind.  You are more likely to love an item that you purchased, if it can be styled multiple ways, and worn over & over again.  Right? We think so!  


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