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The checkout.

I have always been a bargain shopper.  Doesn't matter if I am buying groceries, school supplies, or a house - I am always searching to get the most for my money.  During the shopping process, I am constantly adding up the total, to ensure that I know what I'm in for at the checkout.  My grandmother and mother both taught me a lot about bargain shopping, and I have passed these lessons on to my kids.  

The idea for The Hanger was born because, I felt passionate about opening a clothing boutique with lower prices, I was tired of the hunt.  Bargain shopping is exhausting.  And, forget about shopping boutiques - there is never a bargain to be had there.  For example, we have a leopard paper-bag skirt available.  Its $34.  One of the boutiques I follow on IG has the same exact skirt for $64!  I know everyone needs to make me, I hope that some day this boutique business becomes lucrative, but holy Mother Mary - that is an enormous markup!  No thanks.  We love you all for supporting our boutique adventure, and we promise to keep our prices reasonable.  We have already done the bargain shopping, so you can feel confident when you get to the checkout are always getting the best deal with The Hanger! 

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